December 2015: Topten Argentina launched!

Vida Silvestre has launched Topten Argentina. After Chile, there are now two Topten teams in latin America selecting and showing the most efficient products.

Topten Argentina has been officially launched in the Swiss embassy in Bueno Aires on December 16th 2015: Daniel Redondo, Energy Planning Secretary from the Energy and Mining Ministry of Argentina; Hans Peter Mock, Ambassador of Switzerland in Argentina and Carlos Tanides, coordinator for the Energy Program in Vida Silvestre.


Find here the press release by Vida Silvestre about the Topten launch.

February 2015

Horizon 2020 is a large research and innovation programme by the European Union. Horizon 2020 will fund two Topten projects from 2015 - 2018:

Topten ACT will select and present the most energy efficient products on Topten Websites in 16 countries in Europe, enabling consumers to act by making energy saving purchasing choices.

ProCold aims at improving energy efficiency of professional refrigerating and freezing appliances, in collaboration with various stakeholders.


September 2014

September 2013

Papers by the Topten team that were presented at the EEDAL conference in Coimbra, Portugal, in September 2013:

July 2012

Topten USA has released its latest rankings of the most efficient TVs and computer monitors. The Topten market research showed that there are huge differences in energy consumption even among Energy Star-labelled products: the best computer monitors use as much as up to 75% less energy than other Energy Star-labelled models. And the TV models on Topten USA use about half the energy of televisions that just meet the Energy Star minimum standard.

Download the Topten USA press releases on TVs (June 12th 2012) and on monitors (July 2nd 2012)


January 2012

Ban of inefficient tumble drier in Switzerland:

Since January 1st only heat pump driers are allowed on the Swiss market. The ban of inefficient tumble driers had been announced since 2009. There are more than 50 different heat pump driers on the Swiss market, consuming only half as much electricity as conventional driers. lists the most efficient of the heat pump driers, since even within these large differencies in efficiency have evolved.

Recommendations for policy design on driers (mainly referring to the debate in the EU)


Energy label for TVs

After a transition phase in 2011 the energy label for TVs is mandatory since January 1st. More than 20 TV models already reach the A+ class.

Most efficient TVs on the European market:


May 2011

EEDAL conference 2011 in Copenhagen:

The Topten team was present with presentations on the following seven papers:

March 2011

New serves as global platform for the topten network – best products of Europe are now on : Since October 2010, when Topten USA and China went online, the formerly European Topten network has reached global presence. now no longer serves as European, but as global platform. The ‘best products of Europe’ including product lists, policy recommendations and procurement guidelines has been moved to


China implements new minimum efficiency standards and energy labels for flat panel TVs and microwave ovens: The new energy efficiency standards for flat panel TV  (GB 24850-2010) and microwave oven (GB 24849-2010) were implemented from 1st December 2011. It's the first time those two products are regulated with mandatory energy efficiency performance grades, due to the rapid market development and significant energy share in the residential sector. The flat panel TV standards includes plasma and LCD TV.
After the implementing the standards the mandatory energy labels for those two products were put into force from 1st March, 2011. The Chinese energy labeling program covers more than 20 products, including residential and industrial energy using products. More products are expected to be covered in next years.
More information about these standards and labeling schemes:
Topten China will work on flat panel TV and microwave ovens to identify the most energy efficiency products in 2011.

January 2011

Heat pump driers: efficient technology reaches breakthrough in Switzerland:

Heat pump clothes driers are twice as efficient as conventional driers. In Switzerland, the efficient technology reached a market share of 25% in 2009. From 2012, only heat pump driers will be allowed on the Swiss market. In the EU, ecodesign requirements and a new energy label for driers are foreseen for adoption in 2011. More information:

October / November 2010

Topten China and Topten USA are online: