Learn more on how Topten supports a high energy-efficient market transformation in the latest Topten Global Report (May 2017)


China implements new Energy Labels that are featuring a QR code. (June 2016)


Topten Argentina has just been launched!  (December 2015) » more information


Chile: first Topten launched in Latin America! See www.top-ten.cl and the WWF press release. (August 2015)

An impact assessment finds that Topten global has saved more than 15 TWh since 2006 by contributing to a higher share of energy efficient appliances. (August 2015)

The famous Motor Summit has arrived to China, with 250 participants in July 2015. (August 2015)

Read what others say about Topten in the new compilation of statements by key stakeholders 2011 - 2014. (May 2015)
Find out how the Topten network has supported the market transformation towards more energy-saving products in 2014 in the new Topten global annual report. (April 2015)

Topten ACT and ProCold: Horizon 2020 supports two projects by Topten! (February 2015) » more

Topten discussion paper: Why Europe should introduce mandatory product registration with a public database for energy related products. (November 2014)

The 2014 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to the inventors of blue LED, which laid the foundation for more efficient and long-lasting light sources. (October 2014)

The global economy must be transformed in the next 15 years in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change, concludes the New Climate Economy Report. A transformation needs not halt economic growth (September 2014)

Since September 1st China implements new MEPS for non-directional LED lamps: only lamps with a luminous efficacy of ≥ 59 lm/W are left on the market. The Energy Label defines new, ambitious classes for efficient LED lamps. (September 2014)

Germany's Ecotopten.de-Website has received a facelift! The best products can now be found in a more user-friendly way. (September 2014)

IEA report calls on governments to invest more in energy efficiency and shows: the benefits of energy efficiency go well beyond the simple scaling back of energy demand.  (September 2014)


The EWS-WWF has supported the United Arab Emirates government in establishing ambitious efficiency standards for lamps: download the report. (September 2014)

Nearly 70% of the TV sales were in classes A and better in 2013. More results in our updated TV market monitoring report or the short Topten Focus. (July 2014)

The Topten Global Annual Report 2013 is here. Find out how Topten combats climate change by catalyzing market transformation. (July 2014).
The winners - Europe’s very best in energy efficiency (March 2014):
Onlux LED lamp GloboLux 60 R 927
Panasonic TV TX-L39BLW6
V-Zug tumble drier Adora TSL WP

Topten China has a new logo, its website a new layout. Check it out! (January 2014)

A fruitful EEDAL conference was held in Portugal. The Topten team also had the chance to present a number of studies (September 2013). » more

Topten publishes its TV market monitoring 2007-2012, showing the developments leading to 39% class A / A+ sales in Europe in 2012. (July 2013)

Swiss appliance sales data 2004 - 2012 have been published: 100% class A driers and 56% of A+++ washing machines sales reflect a highly efficient market (July 2013).

Topten Global Report 2012: how Topten supports market transformation towards better energy efficiency (May 2013)

Felix Meier was given the honorary membership of the Topten International Group, based on his great merits for the launch and expansion of Topten worldwide (January 2013) » more

Selecting the most energy efficient products: The new Topten manual summarizes the programme and its mechanisms (November 2012)

TVs and computer monitors: Topten USA finds huge differences in energy consumption on the market. (July 2012) » more

The first Topten global annual report summarizes Topten activities and successes from China, Europe and the USA in 2011. (May 2012)


Only heat pump driers are allowed on the Swiss market since 1. January (Jan 2012) » more

The energy label for TVs has been introduced to the European market (Jan 2012) » more

The most efficient rice cookers are online on Topten China (Dec 2011)

EEDAL 2011 in Copenhagen: Among the over 100 presentations also the Topten team presented news on best available technology (May 2011) » more


New topten.info serves as global platform for the topten network – best products of Europe are now on topten.eu (March 2011).» more

China: new minimum efficiency standards and energy labels for flat panel TVs and microwave ovens (March 2011) » more

Heat pump driers: efficient technology reaches breakthrough in Switzerland (January 2011). » more

Topten USA goes online! (October 2010). » more