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Learn more on how Topten supports a high energy-efficient market transformation in the latest Topten Global Report (May 2017)

China implements new Energy Labels that are featuring a QR code. (June 2016)

Topten Argentina has just been launched!  (December 2015) » more information

Chile: first Topten launched in Latin America! See and the WWF press release. (August 2015)

An impact assessment finds that Topten global has saved more than 15 TWh since 2006 by contributing to a higher share of energy efficient appliances. (August 2015)

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Topten: global project for the most energy efficient products

Topten is an independent international program to create a dynamic benchmark for the most energy efficient products.

In 20 countries around the world, Topten presents the best products on national markets for an increasing range of electric products. Topten is neutral, rigorous and transparent in that there is no influence from manufacturers or retailers and the selection methodology is explained online. Apart from consumer information, Topten aims at providing policy recommendations based on its overview on the high efficiency product market.

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